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Personal Trainer

Ken, W.P. Tsun

Practice makes perfect

Stick Mobility

TRX 小組訓練

X-Fit 2.0

X-Fit 50+

Experience and Qualification

• Bachelor of Sport Management, OUHK
• NASM International Personal Trainer, Certified
• 2019 TRX Trainer Summit Certified
• Optimum Performance Studio TRX Suspension fitness trainer, Certified
• Optimum Performance Studio Functional trainer, Certified
• Optimum Performance Studio TRX Group trainer, Certified
• STROOPS VITL Course, Certified
• BLACKROLL Trainer, Certified
• VIPR Group Fitness Trainer, Certified
• AASFP Muay Thai Instructor (Intermediate), Certified
• Stick Mobility Level 2 Certification
• NASM Women's Fitness Specialist
• NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
• AASFP Specialized Prescription Program: Elderly Fitness
• HK St. John Ambulance CPR Certificate
• 10 years coaching in strength and conditioning
• 5 years coaching in high intensity group class


• Strength & Conditioning
• Weight Loss / Gain
• Functional Training
• Muay Thai Boxing
• Stretching

Cherry, K.K. Au

Daily, W.Y. Lam

Jacky, K.H. Kwan

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